March 20 2016
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Geert Doumen
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Now Available flamenco dance classes


La Sonanta - June 01 2016

Hello Mary,

We totally agree, Marta is a great teacher, but we can not do them all at once, hope you understand.

Sincere musical greetings,
La Sonanta

Mary marquez - May 23 2016

I would like to see more of Martas Flendrig clases she’s great to teach!!

La Sonanta - April 04 2016

Dear Marlene,

Thank you for contacting La Sonanta.
Yes, we are in the final stage of the post production of an extensive amount of online flamenco dance lessons.
Estimated time to release is Mid of May 2016, so in about 6 weeks.

Sincere musical greetings,
La Sonanta

Marlene - March 29 2016

Very exciting – when do you expect these videos to be available?

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