Technique El Cantor


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In this lesson Jerónimo Maya, the direct descendent of flamenco guitar legend Ramon Montoya, demonstrates you the rare technique 'El Cantor' that he uses to hold a note as long as you want and to add certain effects at creative moments. Jeronimo also shows how to use this 'El Cantor' technique in a falseta playing bulerías. Includes 6 A4 pages music sheets and tabs.


  • Full screen HD video running time 05:28, Spanish spoken, English subtitles
  • Normal speed and slow speed multicamera views showing simultaneously the left and right hand at a slow speed
  • 6 A4 pages of music sheets and tabs
  • High quality audio
  • Latest, awesome streaming technology


Jerónimo Maya is considered by many to be one of the most outstanding flamenco guitarists of the new generation. His enormous creativity and impeccable technique allows him to create music which goes beyond traditional flamenco, whilst never forgetting the strength of his flamenco foundations and remaining accessible to a broad public.

Born in 1977 in Madrid, Spain, into a gipsy family with deep flamenco roots, Jeronimo is a direct descendent of flamenco guitar legend Ramon Montoya. His father Felipe Maya, his great uncle Ricardo Losada el Yunque, Paco de Lucía and Sabicas, whom was related on Jerónimo his mother’s side with Ramon Montoya, taught Jeronimo to live, breath and respect the Art of flamenco. Jerónimo Maya started performing at the age of 5 in the festival ‘Flamenco de Hoy’ in Madrid and by the age of seven he gave his first concert in Madrid as part of the Cumbre Flamenca. From a very young age it became clear that Jerónimo was not only a great player, but also a gifted creator, composing his own material. In 1989, at an age of 12, Jerónimo prepared a tribute to Sabicas, with whom Jerónimo had forged a solid relationship and was subsequently invited to perform together with Paco de Lucia and Enrique Morente at the Carnegie Hall in New York. When Jerónimo his mentor Sabicas died in 1990, Jerónimo performed in a tribute at the Festival de Olite, sharing a stage with Manolo Sanlucar. At the age of 13 Jerónimo Maya also shared the limelight with Camarón de la Isla at the Plaza de Toros de Malaga. In May 1999 Jerónimo Maya was awarded with the ‘Copa Teatro Pavón’ for young artists at the ‘Círculo de Bellas Artes’ in Madrid. In 2003 Jerónimo offered important recitals at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and the Concert Hall in Amsterdam. In May 2004 Jerónimo Maya presented his first solo debut album ‘Jerónimo' rewarded with the Mejor Disco de Guitarra Solista Revelación 2004’ by the ‘Flamenco Hoy’ awards. In 2015 Jerónimo Maya presents his album ‘Como Soy’published and produced by La Sonanta.